Sunday, December 21, 2008



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Analysis of keywords related to shows the following:

  1. motorcycle paint 9,900
  2. bike paint 5,400
  3. honda paint 5,400
  4. kawasaki paint 2,900
  5. yamaha paint 2,900
  6. motorbike paint 2,400
  7. motorcycle paints 1000
  8. vespa paint 880
  9. scooter paint 720
  10. bike paints 720
  11. motorbike paints 110
This make is pretty clear that I should focus on the following keywords/phrases:
  • motorcycle paint
  • bike paint
  • motorbike paint
  • honda
  • kawasaki
  • yamaha

As you have to consistently use your keywords and phrases everywhere in your text (title/description/content), I've just kept the manufacturer names by themselves.
My title will be: RS Motorbike Paint - Motorcycle paint, bike paint, Honda Yamaha Kawasaki

In theory, if we get to the top of the rankings for all these keywords, there will be around 900 people a day doing a google search and seeing RS Motorbike Paint at the top (based on average volume for these keywords searches Dec 08). Therefore, if around half of these click through, we can aim for 500 visitors a day. Currently peaking at around 100 a day.