Saturday, November 15, 2008

Online Sales

Once you've got people to your website through your online marketing, and they've found the product or service that they require, you need to make it as quick and easy to buy that product as possible. If done properly, the best way to do this is to offer an online catalogue with checkout capability.


This is quite an investment if you wanted to build it yourself. Therefore the easiest way to provide this capability is through a website like ebay. Its free to register as a business, and you get access to ebay's user-base, and a secure payments capability through PayPal. You then deliver your products by post. Ebay takes a listing fee and sale fee (based on sale price), and Paypal takes a percentage of the amount it processes too.

Ebay Stores

The next step is to open an ebay store, which requires a regular fee (starts at £15/month). This gives you your own online storefront which is customised to your business' brand, and your own ebay shop web address (eg You also get various tools for marketing, tracking etc.


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