Monday, January 01, 2007


Encoding for youtube

I use Apple's iMovie to create my videos, and then I export them to a DVD image (.img) file. I use MagicISO to extract this file and product a .VOB file (amongst others). You can take this .VOB file and encode it using SUPER, a windows application which uses ffmpeg to encode the video to MPEG4/mp3, which is the recommended format for uploading to YouTube.

YouTube decodes and re-encodes your file once its uploaded, so it makes sense to get the settings as close to theirs as possible, for smallest filesize and best conversion quality. I use the following settings:
video: MPEG4/DivX, 320x240, 30frame/sec, bitrate: 350kbps
audio: MP3, sampling freq: 22050, 1 channel (mono), bitrate: 64kbps

My YouTube Channel.